Community funding

Where To Find Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program

Community Programs fund community facilities in towns and rural regions with fewer than 20,000 people. The grants are awarded gradually. Smaller communities with low incomes and a low population are granted a more significant number of funds.

The grants are available to public institutions, such as municipalities, counties, special-purpose districts, non-profit organizations, and tribal jurisdictions. The applicants must also have the legal authority necessary to build, operate and maintain the facility they are proposing to construct and obtain the money needed from commercial sources at reasonable prices and conditions. Visit Oak Park Financial for more loan options.

What are grant funds?

Grant funds can be used to fund the development of essential infrastructures for communities. Grant funds can be used to construct facilities, expand the size or upgrade facilities in the community for healthcare security and health care and other community and public facilities. 

This may be accomplished by purchasing the equipment necessary to operate the facility. A grant could be granted in conjunction alongside other CF financial aid, like loan guarantees, or directly and contributions from the applicant along with loans and grants from various sources.

Where to use grant funds?

Community Facilities Grant Program Community Facilities Grant Program is usually used to finance projects in special initiatives.

These projects are picked following a priority point algorithm. The projects which will be prioritized are the ones that.

  • Smaller communities are supported. The highest priority is to projects within communities with 5,000 or less.
  • Aid communities that are low-income The highest priority goes to projects serving communities with median household incomes less than the poverty level of the highest (60 percent) of the state’s non-metropolitan median household income.
  • Provide healthcare along with security and community services.

Other use of grant funds

The grant funds are used to purchase construction, upgrade or construct vital community facilities, purchase equipment and cover the project expenses.

Some examples of facilities for community members that are essential include:

  • Facilities for health care such as dental clinics, hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, in addition to assisted living homes
  • Public facilities, like towns halls, hangars for airports courthouses, or street improvements
  • Services for community support, such as fairgrounds for child care centers community centers, fairgrounds, fairgrounds as well as transitional housing
  • Security and public safety services, such as fire stations, police stations, prison fire trucks, police vehicles, and public works vehicles, are also equipment.
  • Educational services such as museums, libraries as well as a private school
  • Telemedicine, For instance, is a service that provides the equipment used for distance learning.
  • The community food system, such as community gardens, food pantries as well as communal kitchens, food hubs or food banks, or greenhouses
  • Grant funds cannot be employed for:
    • You must cover any annual recurring expenses that may include rent or purchases, generally considered operating and maintenance costs.
    • Create or repair electric generation facilities, electric transmission lines as well as gas distribution lines to provide commercial sales services;
    • Costs to construct facilities can be used to lease commercial space provided that the applicant has no control over the tenants or the services offered.
    • Build facilities that serve the primary purpose of housing for Federal, State, or quasi-Federal agencies, or
    • Television with Community Antenna or other facilities.