Community program

Winkler Daycare Project Supported by Canada Post Community Program –

Funds from Canada Post’s Community Grants Program will allow Winkler Daycare to move forward with another project. The center recently received a $2,600 grant.

“The money that was presented to us will go to an outside water bottle refill station,” Winkler daycare director Ang Nickel said.

Currently when the kids are out and need to refill their water bottle they still have to come in to refill it which also means the center is losing help from staff in the large back yard while this is done. “It will help with staff coverage and the children will be able to get their water as we encourage water to drink and drink water. And in the summer when it’s so hot it’s really nice to add this to our backyard. So we’re looking forward to it,” Nickel noted.

Kris Hansen, Canada Post’s regional manager for southeastern Manitoba, says all the money raised in our province stays here in Manitoba.

“I’m personally proud to work with this foundation because it really comes back to the community. We had one in my own area that also just received a grant, so it’s really special to me and I think it’s is special for everyone who receives this money.”

Hansen noted that this year he has already made 100 check presentations, giving a total of $17,000 to the community so far.

“Our postmasters and our retail clerks do all kinds of things. From bake sales, they do book sales, they do raffles for sweaters, we have raffles that we also do through Posts Canada with the stamps and whatever we’ve framed which is a good way for them to raise funds all year round And we even raffled off a travel trailer a few years ago which has was a massive hit to my recollection. It was before my time, but it raised $100,000 on its own.”

Last year, Hansen said $900,000 was raised across Canada for local charities, and his region alone, southeastern Manitoba, raised the most in all of Canada, dollar for dollar. , raising $28,000.

“Well, those kinds of things are always an exciting event because they build community,” Winkler Mayor Martin Harder said. “Before there were any other daycares you were already here so it has been a long process to build the facilities you have with the services you provide…we look forward to you providing these service for many years to come.”