Community service

Vanderhoof Company Wins Community Service Award

The Yellowhead Road and Bridge in Vanderhoof were recognized for their community efforts.

The company took home the 2020 Community Service Award at the BC Transportation Contractor of the Year Excellence Awards on Friday.

YRB was recognized for its contributions to ensuring access to facilities such as the Nechako Valley Exhibition Society and the Murray Ridge Ski Hill area in Fort Saint James.

“We all grow up in these communities. Our children are involved in the 4-H program and it certainly helps the communities.

“It’s the same with skiing in Fort Saint James, we clear the parking lot every year for these people up there. They provide excellent service to all of our children who use these facilities, ”said Jordon McNolty, Managing Director of YRB Vanderhoof.

Ultimately, McNolty believes all of his employees deserve a pat on the back.

“They are doing a service which is dangerous for them. It happens over the days, nights, Christmas and New Years, so when these hard-working men and women, it’s always nice to say they’ve earned it.

YRB employs 50 people during the winter season.

The 2021 Community Service Award went to Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP.

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