Community meeting

Valverde residents unhappy with response at community meeting

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DENVER (KDVR) — After a spate of drive-by shootings in the Valverde neighborhood, residents have met with police and prosecutors for answers.

“There’s a lot of anger in the community and a lot of guns,” Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said, noting the violence was happening across the city.

In the past two weeks, three drive-by shootings have been reported in the Valverde neighborhood of southwest Denver.

“We flag these cases for arguments in favor of higher bonds,” McCann said.

Neighbors didn’t show their faces or names on camera, but said they wanted the criminals held accountable. Some have said it’s too easy for a suspect to get out of jail on cheap bail.

“It gives us a warning: hey, this is someone the police department really thinks is dangerous, we should be advocating for higher obligations,” McCann said.

“Let us know if you see things that don’t look quite right – that are suspicious. Be super vigilant,” Denver Police Department District Four Commander Mark Fleecs said.

Denver police said when it comes to drive-by shootings, fights between people or gangs, “it happens for a reason, usually, not always,” Fleecs said.

Ultimately, Valverde’s quarter want the criminal element gone for good before the situation escalates.

“The general plea is, please, everything in our power, we have to control it,” said Denver City Councilman Jolon Clark.