Community service

Timothy Beaulieu named 2022 Franco-American of the Year for community service – and Poutinefest!

The Beaulieu family from left, Brady, Timothy, Laura and Adeline. Courtesy picture

MANCHESTER, NH – Timothy Beaulieu was named Franco-American of the Year 2022.

“The Franco-American Center of Manchester has been honoring a ‘Franco-American of the Year’ since 1983. The recipients are always outstanding members of the community who have distinguished themselves through their contributions to French culture in NH,” said Josée Vachon, former recipient of the award and current chair of the selection committee.

Beaulieu grew up in northern Nashua during a time of transition for Franco-Americans. He was not immersed in the language and culture like many former Franco-Americans of the year and was largely unaware of the culture until his mid-twenties. But he was inspired to get more involved after spending afternoons driving his grandfather to run errands. These conversations were a source of inspiration for him.

He first became involved with the Franco-American Center (FAC) in 2014. Since then, Beaulieu has been involved in many programs and committees of the Franco-American Center, including serving as a trustee from 2015 to 2021. In addition to his involvement on the board of directors, he chaired the FAC program committee, created the FAC YouTube channel and launched the Euclide Gilbert Foundation’s French language video competition. More recently, Beaulieu contributed to the book “French All Around Us: French Language and Francophone Culture in the United States”.

Beaulieu is perhaps best known for his work establishing and developing the NH PoutineFest, the largest celebration of the Quebec dish, poutine, in the United States. The event is designed to appeal to a wide range of people and build Franco-American culture in New Hampshire. The event has raised funds to support the mission of the Franco-American Center since 2016.

The Franco-American award of the year is usually announced during Saint-Jean-Baptiste celebrations in June. An awards ceremony will take place at NH PoutineFest to be held on October 15, 2022.

The Franco-American Center in Manchester, NH, is dedicated to celebrating French language, culture and heritage throughout New Hampshire and has an office on the campus of Saint Anselm College.