Community program

The Welcoming Community Program welcomes community feedback

Community members are being invited to participate in an “Inclusion Readiness Assessment,” which began with a virtual meeting on April 14. This assessment is part of a larger project facilitated by the non-profit organization NorthSpan called the “Welcoming Community Program”. What does this mean for Cook County? Do we need to work to become a more welcoming community?

NorthSpan’s website explains that inclusion is one of the core values ​​that drives Northspan’s work. He is working on a concept that aims to foster welcoming communities for people of all backgrounds in northeast Minnesota.

The organization has initiated welcoming community projects in three areas: Cloquet, Rock Ridge School District and Cook County.

WTIP contacted Amber Lewis, the Welcoming Community Program Coordinator, after this first meeting and she told WTIP that there was a good turnout. However, she adds that NorthSpan would like to know more.

To learn more, NorthSpan has launched an inclusion readiness survey and NorthSpan would like to see feedback from the community. They want to hear about the community’s challenges and successes in welcoming and including all residents. To do this, NorthSpan has launched an online survey which will be open until May 13. You can find the survey here.

Once the survey is complete, NorthSpan will review and compile the results. The organization will then hold a report and action planning meeting on May 19. To register to participate in this event, community members can register online here.

And what are the next steps? WTIP’s Rhonda Silence learns more from Welcoming Community Coordinator Amber Lewis in this interview.