Community meeting

The relocation of the downtown homeless camp will be the focus of the community meeting this Monday

By Edwin Oscar Gutierrez, Jr.

Olympia is organizing a online public meeting Monday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m. to inform the public of the relocation of the Homeless Mitigation Site Camp from its current location at the corner of Olympia and Franklin Streets to Quince Street.

The move is scheduled for the end of this month.

Renamed Quince Street Village, the city purchased the new location at 1211 Quince Street SE using federal funds under the American Rescue Plan Act in October 2021.

“The Quince Street property will allow the city to improve support and safety for people who live at the mitigation site,” the city said on its Mitigation site webpage. “These upgrades include more space for case managers and appointments, security cameras, and a layout designed for smaller homes.”

In the long term, the city said it plans to build permanent affordable housing on the Quince Street property. In the meantime, it will host mini-houses for the homeless.

Downtown Mitigation Site

The current downtown mitigation site currently includes “micro homes,” as the city puts it, “that feature lockable doors, insulated walls, and steel roofing.”

“Once moved to Quince Street, the units will include a source of heating and lighting,” added Olympia.

Other amenities at the downtown site are restrooms, showers, drinking water, garbage collection, a food preparation area, as well as what the city describes as a “code of conduct and protocols.” security” for the occupants, who are looked after by the Catholic community. Services (CCS) which works with the city in:

· Use service providers to work with clients on housing, employment, benefits, and schedule addiction and mental health treatment appointments.

· Improve data collection and reporting.

Register to attend the meeting here.