Community meeting

The RECONSTRUCTION process at the Paschalville Library begins with a community meeting

Built in 1915, the library building is 106 years old and needs repair and modernization.

By Globe Staff Writer

More than 50 people participated in the (virtual) community meeting to launch the Paschalville branch of the free library on March 11and.

It’s been nearly two years since Mayor Kenney visited the Paschalville Library, located at 6942 Woodland Avenue, to announce that millions of dollars will be allocated to “rebuild” the 106-year-old library. The library reconstruction process is expected to take two and a half years.

During the meeting, architects from DI Group Architecture showed deterioration, both in public areas and behind the scenes, including the roof. Years of maintenance neglect and lack of adequate storage space have taken their toll on the building.

The architects are looking for information on what the library should look like once the reconstruction work is complete. Visit to sign up and tell the designers how you use the library and what you’d like to see.

Kira Strong, Executive Director of Rebuild, said, “Rebuild is a new way to invest in neighborhoods. She added that community input should shape the renovation of the Paschalville Library.

Daniel Shupsky of the Department of Water explained how green tools protect Philadelphia’s waterways. Videos were shown explaining how rainwater can mix with sewage and enter streams and rivers. The goal is to capture water in rain gardens and other structures before it reaches the creeks. More information can be found at

Diversified Services are the developers of this project. Southwest CDC and the Free Library Foundation do community outreach.

If you missed the meeting, you can watch it in its entirety on