Community program

The “Our Community” program ensures the safety of children in city swimming pools

Bikers, car fans and fraternities have started hanging out at the pools to make sure the kids are safe there after someone brought a gun to one of the pools in June.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The city of Toledo opened its swimming pools last month to provide kids with a safe place to cool off.

A few days later, someone brought a gun to the Roosevelt Pool.

It was then that bikers, car enthusiasts and fraternities mobilized to protect young people who wish to enjoy the swimming pool.

Groups have started going to all the swimming pools in town to watch the kids and make sure their summer is safe and fun.

It’s also about bonding children and adults, a way to get a taste of how everyone is doing.

They’ve created a multigenerational community designed to inspire kids and keep swimming pools safe, just by being there and being aware.

“Since June 17, there has been no incident to which the police have had to respond,” said the mayor of Toledo, Wade Kapzukiewicz.

From swimming at the Savage Park wading pool, bikes, pizza and people follow.

Our community is there from the opening to the closing of all local pools.

“The biker community has a bad reputation because they don’t realize that a lot of the guys here are their coaches, they’re already here to do good things,” said John Barnowski, member of Our Community and Lucas County Homeboys.

The snacks serve as an icebreaker, but when an ice cream truck pulls up, even the adults displayed childish excitement trying to decide what to order.

The program was supposed to end, but its success left everyone hungry.

“We would like to continue with the program,” Barnowski said.

The program will run until the end of the swim season this year, and some participants are hoping it will continue for years to come.