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The Moving Our Community Program Helps Valley Residents

Move 4 Less helps people get a fresh start.

“You’re a lifesaver,” Desiree Moss said of learning that Move 4 Less could help her move when she couldn’t afford it.

This sentiment is shared by all beneficiaries of the Moving Our Community programme, the local philanthropic initiative of Move 4 Less. Owners of the family moving business have been moving people in need to their new homes for free across the city since the pandemic began.

The third cycle of the program has just been completed. Move 4 Less employees and owners, Avi Cohen and Moti Perez, determined Moving Our Community recipients, based on nominations, which detailed hardships, needs and financial constraints related to rent increases, loss employment, reduced income, health problems and/or family considerations. Some of the recipients include:

■ Désirée had tears in her eyes when she learned that she had been selected. She used to help others. She had worked at a local non-profit agency and lost her job last year and has also worked to help tackle elder abuse. This decision helps her work on the next chapter of her life, where she hopes to get a grant to open her own business.

■ Lynn and Mario Siciliano were nominated for Moving Our Community by a longtime friend. Although the couple were married for 25 years before divorcing, they have a good relationship and Lynn is Mario’s caregiver. In the circumstances of life, they needed to move, could not afford moving expenses, and were not physically able to move themselves. Lynn cried when she learned that Move 4 Less would help her.

“Move 4 Less is helping us offload a huge burden. I was just going to give up. I’m a caregiver so it’s good to have someone looking after me,” she said.

■ Lynnette Carideo worked as a reservations dispatcher for a limousine company. When this industry stagnated during the pandemic, it was fired and then kicked out of where it lives.

“Move 4 Less support saved me from starting over,” she said. “I can keep what I have and keep moving forward. If it wasn’t for you (Move 4 Less), I would really only have the clothes on my back. I can’t thank you enough, and I will every time I get the chance.

■ Even with two jobs, Crista Onoszko could not overcome a steep rent increase. The mother-of-two found a more affordable place to move, but still needed help moving.

“I’m so grateful that there are people who really want to help people like me,” she said of Move 4 Less.

With the move and new location, Crista best sums up Moving Our Community. “I look forward to starting over in 2022 with new opportunities and a new home, and putting 2021 behind me.”

Move 4 Less will do another round of the Moving Our Community program later this year. Watch for program information or moving services at, call 702-381-1200, or follow @Move4LessNV on Facebook and Twitter.