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The Joy Schools community program celebrates its 10th anniversary

Snack Company Mondelez Philippines Joy Schools Program Celebrates 10e birthday this year.

The decade-long community outreach initiative has since reached 5,378 children through a 9-month feeding program and 19 schools nationwide for at least 2 years of adoption.

He has volunteered 10,800 hours through company employees and touched the lives of 24,739 students through various other outreach programs.

“The Joy Schools is our flagship community program in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Through her, we aim to provide nutrition and active play interventions to promote the well-being of our adopted students. Most importantly, we aim to level the playing field for public elementary students, so they receive nutrition and support that prepares them for a brighter future,” said Joseph Fabul, National Director of Government and Government Affairs from Mondelez Philippines.

“These programs would not have been possible or successful without the collaboration of the schools we have adopted and their teachers. They implement and monitor our nutrition program, and they make the most of the sports equipment, laptops and WIFI devices we provide to students. While we have invested up to 40 million pula in the program over the past decade; the time, passion and energy of our schools and teachers contributed much more to its success,” he added.

Of the 19 schools that have been adopted by the Joy Schools, three were recognized at a ceremony held with long-time program partner Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and the Ministry of Education – Division of Paranaque.

The awarded schools were P. Zamora Elementary School in Pasay City, Balara Elementary School in Quezon City, and Don Galo Elementary School in Parañaque City.

“As a partner of Mondelez Philippines in the implementation of Joy Schools these many years, we have helped them identify schools that have not only implemented the program well, but also made the most of the resources available to them. have been provided to expand and strengthen their impact,” said Elvin Ivan. Uy, executive director of PBSP.

“For Padre Zamora, we have seen how they have made the most of the vegetable garden equipment and learning given to them to complement their school feeding program. For Balara Elementary and Don Galo Elementary, it was their ability to ensure the continuation of the feeding program despite the pandemic. From a previous daily meal at school, they were able to effectively set up the new weekly collection of vegetable kits by the parents of the students. For these reasons, we are honored to call these schools our Joy Schools program partners with Mondelez Philippines,” he added.

The Joy Schools program continues to make an impact today by adopting three public elementary schools. Starting this month, the program will begin a weekly distribution of vegetable packs for 300 students and their families. These aim to provide good nutrition to support student education and ease the burden of hunger for families affected by the pandemic. For more information on the Joy Schools program, click here.