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SW Collins Company Receives Shep Lee Community Service Award


A local business is honored for its community service efforts. Brian Bouchard of NewsSource8 has the story.

Recently, the Institute for Family Owned Business, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting and empowering family businesses in the state of Maine, presented the Shep Lee Community Service Award to the SW Collins Company.

“Well, I think it was certainly an honor to receive it, first of all just to be nominated was a pleasure, but to be selected and to be among all the other great family businesses in Portland was truly an honor.” – Gregg Collins – Vice President, SW Collins

According to the Institute, SW Collins was selected for the award, out of 191 nominations, for “supporting employees and the community in countless ways, investing in training and infrastructure, and making annual grants to a host of organizations. local non-profit organizations chosen by community members”.

“Our grant program is something we’ve been doing for about 6 or 7 years now. This was actually an idea I had seen in Ireland going to a grocery store, they had these tubes that you could put tokens in to vote on which community project was most important to you. So we have designated an allocation of funds for each quarter and have a different need in each of the communities that we are and we will allocate this money to these projects based on the vote. – Sam Collins – President, SW Collins

One thing the Collins family can all agree on is that although this award was given to the family business, it is the employees of SW Collins who deserve this recognition.

“It really is a corporate award for all of our Pioneers, all of our employees. They contribute to their communities, whether it’s as coaches, whether it’s in the church, whether it’s on boards of directors. This is truly an award for everyone in our company because we are so proud of the volunteer work they do and the way they improve communities” – Sam Collins – President, SW Collins

S. W. Collins was the only Aroostook County business to receive an award from the Family Business Institute, though not the only nominee, with The Rusty Crab in Mars Hill and Lakeview Restaurant in Saint Agatha (pronounced Agat, spelled Agatha) receiving also nominations.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8