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Sorghum Residents Host Community Meeting on Proposed Owensboro Loop

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) – Conversations continue about a potential traffic project in western Kentucky.

A Owensboro Outer Loop is a possibility.

Not everyone supports it.

A meeting was held on Wednesday evening to push back this type of project, which was mainly made up of local farmers and landowners.

It’s a feasibility study that ruffles the feathers of some Daviess County farmers.

“Last I looked, that was our name on that deed,” said Daviess County man Jerry Knott. “We didn’t ask for that.”

Several dozen people showed up to oppose an outer loop of Owensboro. The Owensboro-Daviess County Metropolitan Planning Organization previously applied for and received a grant to move forward with a logistics study.

“Farmers fight every day,” Knott explained. “But the toughest battle is seeing good farmland taken for a housing estate or a road cut through a family farm.”

The state transportation cabinet held a virtual town hall meeting on Tuesday.

14 News spoke with Owensboro’s DFO coordinator last week, who said a traffic scheme like this could relieve pressure on US 60, especially between Frederica Street and KY 54 Plus, he says it could make more space for additional homes and businesses.

“Our business was here first,” Knott said.

On Wednesday, Republican Representative Suzanne Miles offered her thoughts on the analysis.

“I will say that I am not happy that the money was spent on something that caused so much grief, sleep loss and worry,” Rep. Miles said.

Miles shared with the crowd that she supports people with family farms and that owners should be allowed to choose. She clarified that this project is not currently in the budget of the road plan.

“It’s not going to happen without your state officials and senators putting it on the roadmap to designate funds for it,” Miles added.

You can find the managers’ survey of the project here.

A petition has been created.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is asking people to complete a survey. It will be open for four weeks, until July 2.

You can post the flyer on Facebook and scan the barcode to review all documents.

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