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SC Prosecutor Allows People To Trade Toys For Community Service | New

GREENWOOD, SC (AP / FOX Caroline) –A South Carolina prosecutor is once again giving people a chance to get out of a little boredom this Christmas season by donating a new toy to children in need.

Organizations in Abbeville, Greenwood, Laurens and Newberry counties will help distribute the toys.

Major Jason Hughes of the Salvation Army in Greenwood says they have about 600 children to help this year.

“Hope is one of those basic needs for children. And hope comes in the form of toys,” Hughes said.

Hughes says their warehouse in Greenwood is only about a quarter full. Eighth Circuit lawyer David Stumbo wants to help change that.

“We read files where there are a lot of bad things going on – people are injured, killed, assaulted,” Stumbo said, “We are dealing with these cases in the courtroom. It’s pretty cool, at this point in time. of the year, to have a hall full of toys. “

Stumbo says the program cuts community service time and teaches offenders, mostly first-time offenders, how to be givers, not takers. The offer is available to people participating in programs such as pre-trial intervention, drug court and veterans court.

“It gives those who take these second-chance programs a chance to learn how to give back instead of taking,” Stumbo said.

Stumbo says attendees were grateful for the opportunity. And some even donate after completing their community service.

“Quite honestly, this is community service,” Stumbo said, “For those who would say,“ Well, this is not community service, ”they haven’t seen the faces of the children who are receiving these toys. . “

Hughes says it’s not always about who is behind the blessing, but the little ones who just want to have something under the tree that they can smile about.

“He who has not sinned has cast the first stone. By the grace of God, I could be there for a mistake I might have made. So we are blessed, ”said Hughes.

There are several ways to get approved. Stumbo suggests contacting your lawyer first. Approval must also go through the appropriate law enforcement and victims, for example.

If you want to help the Salvation Army, you can donate Saturday at Ollie’s, Greewood from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Bikes, figurines, board games, sports equipment and stuffed animals are already invading offices. The program ends on December 10. The notary’s office will accept donations of toys from anyone who wishes to donate.