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SC Attorney Allows People To Trade Toys For Community Service | South Carolina News

GREENWOOD, SC (AP) – A South Carolina attorney is once again giving people a chance to get out of a little boredom this Christmas season by donating a new toy to needy children.

The 8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office program cuts community service time for people in programs primarily designed for first-time offenders, lawyer David Stumbo told The Index-Journal of Greenwood.

“Part of having these people in our diversion programs is learning to give and not to take,” Stumbo said.

Bikes, figurines, board games, sports equipment and stuffed animals are already invading offices. The campaign will run until December 10, when the toys will be distributed through community organizations such as the Abbeville Angel Tree Program, the Salvation Army Greenwood, the State Department of Human Services Laurens and the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office.

The offer is available to people participating in programs such as pre-trial intervention, drug court and veterans court.

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“It’s a myth that prosecutors and cops just want to lock people up and throw away the key,” Stumbo said. “It’s about balancing justice with mercy.”

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