Community service

Panamax values ​​community service programs


Panamex Pacific (PNG) Ltd branch in Mt Hagen appreciates its community service program.

Highlands Regional Sales Manager Jason Kobua said the company is now part of the communities in which it operates.

“We value the community in which we operate, whatever small ways we can do to support community like sport, and we do it with open arms because we are part of that community,” he said. declared.

With that, Pananex was the proud sponsor of the trophies for the communities that had hosted their tournaments last year, ”he said.

Mr. Kobua said the business is there for the community.

“We don’t know what you need or want, if you come to us we won’t close our doors to you, we will sit down with you and discuss ways to work together to support community events.

“We have supported the Mt Hagen Soccer Association and as a company that values ​​and supports such sporting activities, we are proud to sponsor things such as trophies under our Blue Sea Tuna brand.”

Company marketing coordinator Toyu Ruben said the community is made up of people and they care about those people.

“Our commitment to community service programs is our priority,” he said.

He said Blue Sea Tuna is among their many products that have become a trademark in their community service commitments.

“We are located in the Dobel region and we value the Yamka community which continues to be part of the community and therefore as a Panamex,” Mr. Reuben said.