Community service

Ohio State Receives National Community Service Honor

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) presented The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center with the Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Service for demonstrating extraordinary commitment to community service.

The AAMC, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of people everywhere through medical education, health care, medical research and community collaborations, awards the award annually. at an AAMC member medical school or teaching hospital with a long-standing institutional commitment to partnering with the community to identify and address community needs. The College of Medicine and Wexner Medical Center were recognized for their land-grant mission to support and partner with Ohio communities.

“Community engagement is intrinsic to who we are as an institution and embedded in everything we do,” said Dr. Carol R. Bradford, Dean of the College of Medicine and Vice President of Health Sciences at Wexner Medical Center. “The depth and breadth of community engagement work we do across Ohio State allows us to transform the health of the communities we serve.”

The Foreman Award highlights community engagement as an important part of the academic mission and recognizes institutions that serve as examples of social responsiveness on the part of the academic medical community. Ohio State’s deep commitment to community engagement is exemplified by programming that has spanned decades. Examples include:

  • Partners achieving community transformation: The State of Ohio, the City of Columbus and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority are partnering to create a healthy, financially and environmentally sustainable community where residents have access to health care, safe and affordable housing, education and employment.
  • Free clinics: Primary and immediate care walk-in clinics offer services such as diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions, vaccinations, STI screening, prenatal care, gynecology, orthopedics and dermatology. They are operated by Ohio State medical students under the supervision of volunteer physicians and serve more than 1,400 underserved patients each year. Clinics include La Clinica Latina, Asian Health Initiative Free Clinic, Noor Community Clinic, and Columbus Free Clinic.
  • Moms2B: A community pregnancy program set up to improve the health of at-risk communities, empower pregnant women to deliver healthy full-term babies, reduce the number of low birth weight infants, reduce infant mortality and eliminating racial and economic disparities.
  • Academies of Health Sciences: PACT, Columbus City Schools, and Ohio State partner with K-12 public schools near Columbus’ east side to create hands-on learning experiences and foster career exploration in the health sciences.
  • African American Men’s Welfare Agency (AAMWA): Ohio State partners with AAMWA on initiatives to reduce health disparities in the African American community. In addition to walks and health fairs, Ohio State Medical Scientists and AAMWA have launched a research study called Black Impact 100 (BI100). The 24-week intervention promoted cardiovascular health and cancer prevention in African American men. The men participating in the BI100 reduced their weight, cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure and implemented a heart-healthy diet.
  • Interprofessional Practice Education: Medical students learn alongside students from the faculties of dentistry, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, public health, veterinary medicine, and arts and sciences to support an inclusive and multidisciplinary approach to patient care. The program focuses on reducing health care disparities in the community.

“Our faculty, staff and learners play a vital role in each of our community engagement initiatives,” Bradford said. “Their hard work, dedication and collaboration will help us achieve our ambitious goal of transforming the health of our communities.

The AAMC announced the Foreman Award winner at the 2022 AAMC Awards Recognition Event.

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