Community meeting

Norfolk Public Schools hold community meeting on future of Maury High

NORFOLK, Va. — Norfolk Public Schools held the first of two meetings, getting community feedback on the future of Maury High School.

Some plans were presented on Wednesday evening. A plan proposes to modernize the existing school. Another plan proposes to construct a new building.

Maury High School was built in 1910. Some parents want to see a new school built.

“The paint is peeling, the temperature is changing. My eldest had a problem with the ventilation system in one of her classrooms. They had to move it because it was too noisy,” said a parent Maury high school.

Another parent and former teacher at Maury High School also wants to see a new school built.

“My classroom overlooked the media center, had no exterior windows. I ended up buying 2 industrial size fans. One to bring air into the classroom and one to push hot air out. ‘outside,’ Sarah Dicalogerl, a Maury High parent and former Maury Master said.

In a community feedback session on the future of Maury High Schoola Virginia Beach firm, HBA Architecture presented different options for what high school might look like in a few years.

“We will take all the information we get from the community during the feedback sessions. We will take that information. They will come back and bring it to the board once they have their full report,” Carlos Clanton, a school member told from the administration board.

One of the renovation options presented would cost $140 million. This option would require students and teachers to move into portable mobile units until renovations to the current building are complete.

Another option presented is to build a brand new school which would cost $158 million. This option includes a four-story school being built behind the current building.

Maury High School alum Carlos Clanton says the COVID pandemic has pushed that project back.

“This is an exciting time for the community, for the Maury High School community,” Clanton said.