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New community program launched in North Halifax to promote intercultural learning

Residents of North Halifax have the chance to learn about their neighbors and their cultures through a variety of activities throughout March.

Yesterday, the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Center (MNFC) launched a four-week program, Every One Every Day (EOED), aimed at providing a platform for reconciliation and opportunities for people to learn and share interculturally. .

The program contains 35 sessions that provide participants with a wide range of interactive activities ranging from mask making to family yoga, all conducted with other residents.

“As the new COVID restrictions affect the ability to be together in person, the spirit of EOED remains with its mission to share a sense of oneness and community learning,” said program director Aimee Gasparetto. – Contributed

“It’s about peer learning. It’s not about someone coming up with a program, it’s about residents’ ideas and helping to bring them to life through the platform, ”said Aimee Gasparetto, MNFC Program Director.

Gasparetto said reconciliation cannot be done by one group against another group, and the best way to solve the problem is to build relationships and learn from and understand each other.

“We often talk about inclusiveness. But that’s how to take it one step further and talk about belonging, and really make people feel safe and welcome and invited to come together in a space and ask questions. questions, ”she said.

Neighborhood photo walk 🗺👟 ♥ ️👟 📸 The first in-person session went really well! Please share your photos of today’s adventures !!

Posted by Every One Every Day Halifax on Thursday, March 4, 2021

The initiative is the result of a collaboration of eight local organizations: Develop Nova Scotia, Participatory Canada, Inspiring Communities, Engage Nova Scotia, United Way Halifax, Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, Halifax Regional Municipality and Halifax Partnership. Inspired by a global movement for broad social engagement and improved quality of life quotients in diverse communities, the McConnell Foundation and Employment and Social Development Canada have identified Kjipuktuk – Halifax as one of the three Canadian cities striving to explore transformative social infrastructure.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to share more about who we are and our guiding philosophy of Wije’winen which means ‘come with us’ in Mi’kmaq, it’s really about sharing and learning together,” said said Pam Glode Desrochers, Executive Director of the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Center.

In response to new COVID restrictions, the center is maintaining outdoor dating while moving indoor sessions to an online platform.

Further details on these changes will be shared directly with participants and can be found on the EOED website and on social media.