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Nettleton School District honors veterans with community program

The whole school participates in the annual Veterans Day Ceremony

NETTLETON, Miss. (WCBI) – With patriotic songs, a prayer of thanksgiving and the Pledge of Allegiance, the Nettleton School District honored veterans with a community-wide program.

Retired Lt. Col. Mike Pettigrew spoke of his 28 years of service, which took him around the world supporting and defending freedom and keeping America safe.

And as he thanked those who served before and alongside him, he had a special message for young people.

“I wanted them to understand that they, the young people, are what makes the army what it is today. They say war is a young man’s game, and it is, and so it is up to this generation to take up the baton of freedom and serve and carry on the tradition of those who came before them,” Pettigrew said.

The Nettleton program includes students from all grades in the district. High school principal Megan Garner says it’s about letting students know about the sacrifice made by those who served.

“It’s important for young people to know the importance of our veterans and why we are celebrating this special day, it kind of got lost, so the Nettleton School District is trying to make sure our community and students know the importance of the veterans they served, their commitment,” Garner said.

Two high school students have already answered the call to serve.

“I’m a great patriot, to the bone, I want to honor all of our servicemen who came before, who willingly risked their lives, I thought, there’s no better way to honor them than to follow in their footsteps, to be a good soldier and a good leader,” said National Guard member Thomas Jones.

“You must serve and ensure that your family, friends and everyone at home are free and can live a free life, but only serve yourself and the United States,” said Parker Caples, member of the National Guard.

Following the program, a Veterans Luncheon was held at Nettleton First United Methodist Church.

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