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NEOM launches Shuhub community program

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – NEOM, global partner of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), today announced the Shuhub Community Football Skills Development Programme, which will aim to develop the next generation of Saudi talent and provide football opportunities for children of all. skills throughout Saudi Arabia.

As the first NEOM football program, the Shuhub community program will rely on world-class coaching from Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) coaches as well as the integration of sports technologies to measure and develop acumen football of each participating child via shooting accuracy, dribbling speed, timing reaction and passing accuracy.

Following the programme’s pilot event in April, which took place at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious sports facilities, the program will tour Jeddah, Riyadh and Tabuk this year. , involving more than 400 children from across the Kingdom.

Young Saudi enthusiasts across the Kingdom, aged 7-12, can now be part of the upcoming program by registering at the following link:

Jan Paterson, Managing Director of Sport at NEOM, said: “The Shuhub Community Program is the result of NEOM’s commitment to developing the next generation of talent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing them with the platform and opportunity to engage and develop their excellence in the As part of the program, we will harness innovative sports technology to develop these young men and women to grow the sport in the region.

This program aims to support and complement ongoing initiatives to develop and strengthen native football talent across the Kingdom, with the Shuhub community program providing newcomers to football a solid foundation to progress in the sport.

The Shuhub Community Program is part of NEOM’s partnership vision with the AFC, which focuses on accelerating excellence in football by supporting talent development, inspiring the next generation of athletes and creating a center of sporting excellence.


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