Community meeting

Naracoorte town center plans discussed at community meeting | Herald of Naracoorte

Big plans for Naracoorte’s future were officially unveiled and explained at a launch on Tuesday.

More than 100 community members crowded into Naracoorte Town Hall on Tuesday evening to listen to consultant Helen Dyer discuss the plan to rejuvenate downtown Naracoorte.

The ambitious plan, approved by city council last month, is a 10-year program for the rejuvenation of downtown Naracoorte and came into being after months of public consultation.

Ms Dyer, of Adelaide Holmes Dyer’s consulting firm, presented the plans to the meeting.

“We saw the rejuvenation plan as an opportunity to transform the township from a service center to an inviting and welcoming community center for people who live and visit Naracoorte and Lucindale,” Ms. Dyer said.

“The first opportunities for rejuvenation that emerged from the consultation were things like orientation and signs, gardens and green spaces, seating and shelters – having themes in some of these things, toilets and facilities. public, have more events to bring people into the city and hold them here.

“Some people talked about longer shopping hours, slower speeds in the city center itself, trying to get that balance between daytime and nighttime activities and maybe some walking and walking opportunities. make it the preferred method of getting around the city – you see a city differently when you’re on foot and more inclined to shop, peek, and talk to people.

“Parking is obviously one of the things we looked at and some accessible environments.”

She said the very first job of the plan was to establish a committee to help analyze the ideas of the plan and consider a way forward.

Members of the public asked questions and shared their thoughts, with parking proving to be one of the biggest issues.

Local man Lionel Brown described the suggestion of making Ormerod Street a one-way street as “the dumbest idea”.

“Over the past few years I have observed and taken note of a lot of things,” he said.

“I’ve heard that Ormerod St will be turned into a one-way street with a corner parking lot, and to me it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

“If you have a small car parked with a 4×4 on the passenger side, how is the driver of that small car going to see what’s going on behind him?”

“I think it’s absolutely stupid.”

Other issues were raised: the potential for a bypass to prevent trucks from crossing the city and the ease of pedestrians crossing the roads.