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Minister hails UI community service to address social issues

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini has hailed the Community Service and Empowerment (PPM) program implemented by the University of Indonesia (UI) as a form of response to social issues.

In a statement here on Tuesday, Rismaharini underscored the importance of higher education institutions in contributing to the management of various social issues.

“This activity is absolutely necessary for the regions. It shows that the University of Indonesia is very responsive and sensitive to the needs of the community, in this case, the regions,” Rismaharini said during the launch of the 2022 community service of the University of Indonesia and “UI Serves, For The Country, Rise Stronger” Empowerment Program on Monday, August 15.

Minister Rismaharini called for stronger collaboration between government and universities in the face of increasingly complex challenges.

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Indonesia has the potential and resources to meet the needs of its people independently without depending on other countries, she said. This potential is not only in the form of natural wealth, but also of the large population that can become Indonesia’s asset for progress.

To this end, the Minister emphasized the importance of mutual efforts to ensure that these potentials can be developed and deliver benefits to the community. To this end, she urged all sectors to work hand in hand to create community well-being.

“This launch is a good form of collaboration between the government, universities and the private sector. If it continues to strengthen, this collaboration will accelerate development,” Rismaharini explained.

She believes that scholars will share their knowledge and skills during the process of interacting with the community.

Therefore, she called on local governments to make the most of the community service and empowerment program carried out by UI.

According to the Minister, the program offers enormous benefits to the inhabitants, including promoting economic independence and convenience in the daily life of the communities.

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