Community meeting

Milwaukee Violence Prevention Community Meeting Held

The Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention called on the community Tuesday night, May 24, to make changes.

A public meeting was packed as officials sought information on how to promote peace. People have been thinking of ways to bring about change in Milwaukee, where there has been an upsurge in violence.

Milwaukee police data shows 85 homicides so far in 2022 as of Tuesday, an increase of more than 40% since 2020. The Office of Violence Prevention said there has also been a increased reckless driving and non-fatal shootings.

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Dozens of people came to the meeting, from different organizations and neighborhoods, to talk about ways to bring about change. They said there is no single answer to this complex problem.

“My community is in dire straits, so we can’t sit and watch anymore. Our community is dying,” said Earl Ingram of Voices of the Elders. “My generation is on the other side of things, but we have a responsibility to ensure that these young people have a fair chance to live as we have.”

Milwaukee Office for Violence Prevention Holds Community Meeting

The Office of Violence Prevention has noted community feedback, with the city department saying this is only a small part of the bigger picture.

While there were several community leaders in the room for Tuesday’s meeting, FOX6 News did not see a representative from the Milwaukee Police Department.