Community program

Memorial Medical Center hosts community program | Lifestyles

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center celebrated Black History Month on Wednesday with a community program focused on health, wellness and faith.

Organizers said the event featured powerful and thought-provoking speeches from Dr. Alicia Scott, Cynthia Jones; and co-pastor Celestine Booze.

Dr. Scott is a member of the hospital staff at the Medical Center and kicked off the program by discussing several factors, such as education, environment, and misinformation, that impact the African-American community in regards to their mental and physical health.

Dr. Scott followed Cynthia Jones, who serves as Chief Education Officer at Niagara Falls High School. Jones delivered a sermon on the current state of our young people focusing on how society is responding, the challenges they face, and the importance of restoring their faith.

Co-Pastor Celestine Booze of Potter’s House Christian Community Church wrapped up the program.

Alcohol seamlessly linked health, well-being, and the importance of faith by emphasizing the need for rest, exercise, and prayer.

Additionally, the program included a moving rendition of “Life Every Voice & Sing” by Gregory Lee, Special Projects Coordinator at Memorial, and a prayer by Vicky Wideman, Director of Health Home and Sandra Palmer, Spiritual Care Provider.