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Madera Fire Co. celebrates 100 years of community service | News

MADERA – A century of helping others was celebrated on Saturday night as Madera Fire Co. celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Fire Chief Dwayne DeLattre welcomed approximately 100 firefighters, auxiliary members, their families and guests to the event held at the fire company’s social hall.

During the program following the meal, Chef DeLattre presented some highlights for the company which was incorporated in 1922, including notable fires, equipment purchases, property acquisitions and service certifications. He noted that through good times and bad, the fire company had one mission: to serve the community.

He thanked the members who stayed the course — a number of them with over 40 years of service. “Without our members, this fire company would not be here. Without their support, none of this would exist.

A special presentation was made to the family of the late Roland and Connie Tiracorda. Their daughters accepted a plaque from the company. Chief DeLattre said the family has always supported the business and helped with both financial donations and encouragement.

“If the company needed something, the Tiracorda family made sure we got it,” he said.

Company chaplain Kevin Howard spoke about the “F” words associated with the company, which include firefighter, friendship, family, forgiveness and faith.

These words, when taken to heart by members of the fire company, help to make a well-rounded servant of the community.

“We are a family of firefighters. We are called to leave at short notice. We get up in the middle of the night, give up holidays, children’s events and other special times so we can serve others,” Howard said.

He also thanked Chief DeLattre for his guidance, noting that he led by example. “This fire company is here because of their leadership and their willingness to serve,” Howard said.

DeLattre was also thanked by the company for his 46 years of service, including more than 32 as a chef. He received a handmade wooden Maltese cross which will include a hook to hang his chief’s helmet when he decides to retire, his daughter Lindsey DeLattre said. She is the captain of the company.

“He’s the backbone that holds this place together,” she noted during her presentation.

Coalport’s Glendale Area Vol. Fire Co. was on standby for the company at its station to allow members to enjoy the celebration.