Community service

Local hero: Sophie Cuevas, the community service link

Nominee’s name: Sophie cuevas
Title: Community animator and care coordinator
Organization / Company: 211 LA

“Sophie is an incredibly kind, gracious and compassionate person who handles calls from people reporting hate incidents. She and I have worked together on a few cases: a 72-year-old homeless Muslim gentleman who was harassed by other residents at a shelter, and a Persian Muslim woman in West LA who has been targeted and harassed by her neighbors for years. . Sophie not only takes their information, but listens with compassion and goes above and beyond to find resources and organizations that can provide help and support to the victims of the growing hate speech in Los Angeles. He’s a wonderful human being. “

– Lori Margaret, nominator

About Sophie Cuevas

For more than eight years, Sophie Cuevas has been dedicated to helping Los Angeles County residents meet their most basic needs as part of Team 211 LA, a non-profit organization that connects people with community services.

Cuevas began her tenure at 211 LA as a Community Resource Advisor, providing referrals to individuals for social, health and human services. Cuevas also worked with Edmund D. Edelman Juvenile Court for three years providing direct services to families with open cases from the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services helping them locate classes and programs to help them find their children.

She also administered two rescue centers during her tenure – the Local Assistance Center for an explosion in southern LA in June 2021 and another for flooding in the Antelope Valley in October 2021.

LA211 staff, including Sophie Cuevas, at the City of Los Angeles Local Support Center. | Courtesy of Sophie Cuevas

Her current role is that of the care coordinator for the anti-hate program LA vs. and how to report it and support individuals and communities as they heal from the trauma of hate. As a Care Coordinator, Cuevas helps and supports victims of hate crimes and / or incidents when they connect to support services such as counseling, legal services, mediation, advocacy and more again.