Community service

Lincoln REALTOR® Seth Goodman Honored for Community Service

Capital Area REALTORS® recently honored Seth Goodman, of Lincoln, with the REALTOR® Community Service Award. The award is given to honor a person who has rendered outstanding service to the community. Goodman has been a realtor since 2010 and currently owns and operates ME Realty.

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Goodman, who has consistently given back to his community, said he was pleasantly surprised by the award.

“It was an absolute honor and it was completely unexpected. You never expect to be rewarded for giving back to a community that, in my case, has given me so much. It’s an honor to represent clients in one of the most important transactions of their lives – and to be trusted to do so,” Goodman wrote in a text message.

Goodman, who is the driving force behind the Balloons over Route 66 event in Lincoln, graciously gave back to Logan County.

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Goodman was once the mayor of Lincoln, mentored students enrolled in the Land of Lincoln CEO Program since its inception, and was named The Courier 2019 Citizen of the Year.

In 2020, he asked people on Facebook to nominate someone they think deserves to be honored with the gift of a vehicle to be awarded on Valentine’s Day.

After receiving 450 nominations, Goodman chose Catherine Eckart of Chestnut to receive a 2012 Chevrolet 200.

Goodman says his benevolent actions are just something he loves to do.

“Being able to give back is just the icing on the cake.”