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Lincoln County Health receives 2020 MSA Community Service Award

Sheriff Todd Brackett, right, presents the 2020 Maine Sheriffs Lincoln County Health Association Community Service Award for their work during the pandemic in 2020 to Lincoln County Commissioners meeting Jan. 18 From left, director of Lincoln County Health Kersey Robinson, Substance Abuse Prevention Project Coordinator Larissa Hannan. (Picture Charlotte Boynton)

The Lincoln County Commissioners meeting began Jan. 18 with presentations by Sheriff Todd Brackett. Lincoln County health officials were presented with the 2020 Maine Sheriff’s Association Community Service Award, and two former deputies were presented with retirement plaques and thanked for their years of service to the county.

Lincoln County Health provides services in overuse prevention, nutrition education and healthy county eating opportunities.

Brackett told the commissioners he named the Lincoln County group healthy because their work in 2020 was unexceptional short. In 2020, most service providers and reduced to limit contact. Lincoln County Health has expanded its programming and collaboration while finding ways to maintain many of their programs already in place.

According to Brackett’s presentation, Lincoln County Health was also involved in forming the Lincoln County Foods Initiative in 2020. The program provided food to individuals and food banks.

Brackett wrote in his nomination letter to the Maine Sheriff’s Association regarding the food initiative program, “Although the program was not developed solely by Lincoln County Health, their ability To collaborate with others is a major reason that those in the restaurant, education, charity, government and public health sectors have been able to pull this success off.”

Sheriff Todd Brackett, right, presents former Lincoln County Sheriff's Office deputies retirement plaques, during the Lincoln County Commissioners' Meeting, Jan. 18 From left, Brain Collamore, and Chad Gilbert.  (Picture Charlotte Boynton)

Sheriff Todd Brackett, right, presents former Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies retirement plaques, during the Lincoln County Commissioners’ Meeting, Jan. 18 From left, Brian Collamore, and Chad Gilbert. (Picture Charlotte Boynton)

Brackett commented on their willingness to continue working with the Food Initiative Program Sheriff’s Office while continuing their joint drug addiction prevention work during a pandemic should not go unnoticed.

Brackett spoke about the partnership between the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Healthy. In his nomination letter, he wrote, “When many doors were closed during calls for police reform in 2020, Lincoln County Health continued to open them by continuing our partnership and inviting us to participate with their new programs. These open houses have strengthened our position with the citizens of Lincoln County and provided us with opportunities to promote new relationships with the public and supply sectors.”

Brackett presented Lincoln County Health Director Kelsey Robinson with a figurine of an American bald eagle clutching an American flag mounted on a plaque.

Brackett also presented retired deputies Brian Collamore and Chad Gilbert with plaques commemorating their service to Lincoln County. Collamore retired with 21 years of service, and Gilbert retired after 19 years of service.

Brackett shared the nicknames the two retired MPs had within office. Collamore’s nickname was Collie, and Gilbert was “the crime fighter.” Brackett said whenever he asked Gilbert what he was doing, he would reply, “just fight crime, sheriff.” »

Brackett said, “We called him the Crime Fighter. »