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Lieutenant Governor Foley Presents Lexington’s Recertification for Certified Community Economic Development Program | State and regional

“As we continue to build on our past successes and invest in our future, our message is clear: Lexington is full of opportunity, is conducive to development, and is able to provide the resources necessary for progress,” concluded Pepplitsch.

Lt. Gov. Foley addressed the board, and was joined by Ashley Rice-Gerlach, EDCC Program Manager.

Foley said, “Lexington is such a vibrant and unique community in so many ways. “

The lieutenant governor visited three Lexington companies earlier today, Darling International, MasterHand Milling and Orthman Manufacturing.

He said he heard the same “drumbeat of concern over and over again,” the need for reliable workers.

It has to do with the blessing and the curse of Nebraska’s low unemployment rate. Foley said economists said in the past no state had an unemployment rate below 2%, but now Nebraska has done so for two months in a row.

“These are extraordinary times,” Foley said, adding that no one in Lincoln is too high compared to the low unemployment rate because it is a serious problem for business.

On recertification, “Lexington is one of 40 EDCC certified communities, which means you work closely with our Department of Economic Development, have great entrepreneurial spirit, and create a great environment. welcoming to business, ”Foley said. .