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FORT SCOTT, Ks. – After just six months of service, Fort Scott city manager Jeremy Frazier resigned in August of last year.

Local businessman Mark McCoy took over on an interim basis soon after, as the city began a search to fill the position.

After months of searching, a candidate was found.

“It’s very welcoming, there is just a lot to do,” said Kelley Zellner, City Manager of Fort Scott.

Since January 4, Kelley Zellner has been sworn in as the new city manager of Fort Scott.

Over the past week, he has learned about projects all over the city.

“We want to try to launch street projects, the hospital project… really let the city develop and start building new housing,” says Zellner. “Let’s really try to improve our quality of life. “

Zellner has helped develop communities across Kansas in recent years, he served as Director of Public Works at Valley Center and most recently as Administrator for the City of Fredonia.

Now Zellner hopes to use his building experience to further develop the city’s future, while restoring historic structures to their former glory.

“This is our centerpiece, our city center,” Zellner explains. “I have done a lot of construction work all my life. I run my own construction business, I was a licensed plumber and electrician. We restored old historic buildings and we were kind of a home and the name of the community in restoration. Once you walk in and start to smell the air of it all at Fort Scott, it starts to remind you of where we come from as a nation. “