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Kriseman joins local Jewish and Community Services board • St Pete Catalyst

Rick Kriseman of Shumaker and Shumaker Advisors, the former mayor of St. Petersburg, has joined the board of directors of Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services.

The Gulf Coast Board of Trustees was formed in 1960 and helps at-risk community members find safety, comfort, and a path to a fulfilling life, regardless of race, religion, culture or gender identity.

“This organization has grown over the years and focuses on the community as a whole with people migrating here, connecting with Holocaust survivors, working on the CALL program [Community Action and Life Liaison] and try to uplift the whole community,” Kriseman said.

Kriseman, who stepped down in January, is currently executive vice president and director of the US cities practice for Shumaker Advisors Florida, where he focuses on sustainable economic development and urban planning.

“After serving in the office and being a civil servant for 21 years, I have been through things and I could help if they [GCJFCS] are considering going in a certain direction and where we can avoid duplicating efforts,” Kriseman said, explaining how he thinks the board appreciates his candor.

GCJFCS programs encompass a range of social services, including helping people with behavioral health issues and those who are unemployed and underemployed. The group also assists refugees and survivors of torture with essential services that help them adapt successfully to life in America. Services offered by the group range from child protection and adoption, family support, work and career transition, housing, food, transportation and home care assistance for the elderly, according to the GCJFC website.

Kriseman said that as an elected official, there are several boards that you inherently join while being barred from joining nonprofits. The JFCS was an organization he hoped to one day join after witnessing the impact of the organization.

Kriseman previously served on the Florida House of Representatives, Florida League of Cities Board of Directors, Florida League of Mayors Board of Directors, Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority Board of Directors , the Pinellas County Tourism Development Council Board of Directors, St Petersburg Economic Development Corporation Board of Governors and the Cities Race to Zero Initiative Committee, among many other boards.