Community meeting

Knoxville police chief attends community meeting over spate of car break-ins

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – On Monday morning, Knoxville Police Department officials confirmed more car break-ins in North Knoxville’s 4th and Gill Wards.

KPD officials said 59 cars had been broken into since July 8.

A resident whose car has been broken into twice since Friday July 8 is Bailey Rose.

She attended Monday night’s meeting at Central United Methodist Church to find out how she could protect herself from another hefty car repair bill.

“It’s probably honestly helped raise everyone’s awareness and it’s helped give us action steps to move forward. I know everyone is upset and feeling vulnerable, and it took someone ‘one tells us ‘it’s okay, and we’ll find him,’ but to give us action steps, turn on the lights, get the valuables out of our cars,” Rose said. “I think we’re all going to be a little more aware in the future.”

Cheif Noel told community members to practice getting everything out of their cars at night. If they have a driveway, choose that option instead of the street. Chief Noel also recommended people light up their homes as much as possible to deter the group from breaking into the car.

Chief Noel added that they had a person of interest and they believed that person was part of a smaller group that was carrying out the car robberies.

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