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Kaohsiung City Drunk Driving Offenders Perform Community Service at Mortuary – Taiwan English News

Convicted drunk drivers carried out cleaning duties at a public morgue and funeral home in Kaohsiung city today, under a new scheme introduced by the city after a drunk driver drove into a family of four people last month, killing one and seriously injuring three.

Shock among the public and officials following the December 26 case turned to outrage when it was discovered that the drunk driver had already been convicted of the offence.

Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai brought together the district attorney’s office, legal affairs bureau, transportation bureau and other relevant units to research and discuss strategies to combat the drink-driving and reduce the number of repeat offenders. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to require those convicted of drunk driving to perform community service at the city funeral home.

The first group of 11 offenders convicted of drunken driving – 10 men and 1 woman – went to the Kaohsiung City Mortuary Services Office this morning, where they cleaned up the morgue, mortuary and crematorium . Chief Prosecutor of the District Attorney’s Office Dong Hsiu-ching and Chief Secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau Lin Wen-chi went to the funeral home to observe the experience.

One of the offenders said he had never been so close to a dead body before and was shocked by the experience. “When I wiped down the doors of the mortuary fridge and realized there were dead bodies inside, I felt deep in my heart that I really had to be careful when driving in the future, and I won’t. shouldn’t drink and drive,” the man said.

The offenders cleaned the floors, walls, refrigerators, carts, autopsy table and other equipment, but did not come into contact with the remains of the dead.

The terms of service require that no family members of the deceased be present and that no contact with the remains be made, including eye contact. Officials said while tasks such as washing the corpse can have a punitive and deterrent effect on drunk drivers, out of respect for the deceased and their families, this will not be included in the range of prescribed tasks for drunk drivers. doing community service at the morgue at the moment.

Convicted drunk drivers clean around the crematorium.

Photos: Kaohsiung City Government.

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