Community meeting

It may be time to rewrite the script for the Ward Six Community Meeting for November 3

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By Jack Connolly
[email protected]

If you take a look at previous Ward Community Meetings over the past few weeks on the Town of Somerville website, you’ll see that each has an important recurring theme for these Ward Community Meetings.

Mayor Ballantyne and her team open with similar prepared remarks and questions for each ward that could easily be covered in a one- or two-page document with the appropriate names and contacts for all city departments present at the community meeting.

I hope Mayor Ballantyne and his team of Somerville staff will focus on who in his 60-plus-year-old economic development and planning department is working to improve the empty storefronts of Davis Square?

Perhaps they could also explain the two big projects developed by Asana and Scape that are now allowed in Davis Square, and what is and what will be the construction schedule?

Will someone from the Somerville Transportation and Mobility Division be on hand to explain why it was so necessary to remove so much parking on College Ave. and Holland Street? Also, who will be there to respond to the programs (if any) put in place to compensate for lost business by these small businesses?

Will someone from DPW or the Department of Community Development be on hand to detail when the rest of the Davis Square sidewalks and crosswalks will be repaired or replaced?

By the way, who on the mayor’s team is in charge of Davis Sq.’s planning effort?

Will someone from the public health department be here to explain how the city plans to handle the homeless and other “urban campers” who frequent Davis Square?

While they’re at it, maybe they can also tell us what to do with the discarded needles that are in Davis Sq?

Will Somerville Acting Police Chief Femino be on hand to explain why the community policing program has fallen out of favor? Anyone seen an officer patrolling on foot these days?

Don’t be surprised if there are a decent number of concerned and disgruntled people in Ward Six who are appalled at the lack of attention given to Davis Sq.

No doubt you’ll hear more than a few on Thursday night at Community Baptist Church. Be ready.

Jack Connolly is a Somervillian native, a Davis Sq. resident and insurance agent: He is also a former Somerville Ward Six and At Large Alderman (known now as an Alderman).