Community program

Integrated Community Program – Sunnybrook Hospital

Our Integrated Community program stems from an innovative concept developed during our 2018-2021 collaborative strategic planning process.

For many patients, Sunnybrook is one of many stages in a care journey, and we are committed to ensuring that the transition from hospital to the next stage is a stage where everyone involved is at both informed and engaged.

The integration of our emergency department with community and family medicine requires us to continue to establish and maintain partnerships with other hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers to ensure that patients do not “not lose in the system”. In addition, this program seeks to offer “wraparound” care to patients in order to ensure uniformity of quality and access to services throughout the health care system.

As we continue to develop this new integrated program, we will seek to improve access to the specialist care services available to us by partnering with family physicians in the community surrounding the hospital and health care teams. other establishments in the province.

Recognizing the importance of sharing information with a patient’s healthcare professionals in the community, we are committed to both improving the way information is provided and ensuring that the facility is as accessible as possible to community providers for referrals.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.