Community meeting

Inferno: A community meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening at the Anderson fire station to discuss Clear fire

There will be a community meeting in Anderson on Thursday evening to share information about the Clear Fire. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Anderson Fire Station, 911 D Street in Anderson and will be streamed live on the Alaska Forestry and Fire Protection Division DNR Facebook page.

If you are evacuated and need shelter, contact the Borough of Denali at (907) 683-1330.

Time: Yesterday’s conditions were hot, dry and windy; today it is expected to be the same. There are showers and isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. Relative humidity can be as low as 26% on the south side of the fire. Winds are forecast from the northeast at the northern end of the fire. Winds at the southern end of the fire will be from the south-southeast early in the day then shift to the southwest in the afternoon at 6-10 mph gusting to 18.

Fire activity: There was a major fire on the south side of Kobe Ag in K Division yesterday afternoon and into the evening. The winds came from the southwest, causing a sharp increase in fire activity on the southeastmost finger. The fire pushed about three miles north of the finger, breaking the east-west bulldozer line at the end of Diane Avenue as well as the north-south bulldozer line on the west side of Kobe Ag. Firefighters working to protect structures on the west side of Kobe Ag had to evacuate due to extreme fire behavior and life-threatening conditions. They stayed close to Rochester Way, working to protect structures wherever possible. Several planes were ordered and they staged an aggressive water and retardant air attack. Firefighters worked overnight to tackle spot fires and to keep the fire going west of the Nenana River. The fire did not reach the river at last report. The fire was active in the lower half of the subdivision reaching east to Rochester Way and north to Bush Rd. The exact extent of the fire’s reach and damage is being assessed by fire managers today. More resources will be transferred to K Division today to continue fighting the fire and assessing the condition of structures. Elsewhere in K Division, firefighters are still working to access structures on the southernmost edge, and the southwest edge remains controlled by natural barriers.

North of K Division in G Division, there was minimal fire activity yesterday on the westernmost bulldozer line. The east-west bulldozer line on the north side of Kobe Ag had active fire that threw up spots, but firefighters were able to surround them. On Thursday, crews will continue to work directly at the edge of the fire to complete the bulldozer line that wraps north and west around the fire finger in Division G, with a plan to connect that line in the swampy area near G divide and divide. break b.

In B Division to the northeast, crews constructed a sawline yesterday and will work Thursday to connect it to the swamp area at the B Division and G Division break. They will continue to lay pipe as needed cleaning or deletion.

In Division A to the north, fire behavior is primarily creeping and smoldering. Firefighters will clean up, protect structures and improve the line of fire along the edge of A Division today.

Fire behavior in Division O on the northwest side is mostly smoldering with limited activity. Firefighters are allowing the river to function as a natural barrier and will continue to monitor certain hot spots. There is no immediate threat to O Division structures.

The River Group, also in the northwest, helped ferry crews yesterday morning and then helped crews in A Division. Today they will assess structures in the northern part of the fire and develop plans for any fuel reduction needs around structures.

F Division firefighters worked the community protection lines around Anderson on Wednesday morning. The area is well prepared in case of fire movement towards the city. Later that day most of the crews were moved to K Division to help with the efforts there. Several F Div resources will continue to assist K Div today.

Ready (Prepare your property): All areas WEST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 264 – 269, including Bear Creek and June Creek areas.

Set (Prepare your “go bag”): All areas WEST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 269 – 274.

This includes the town of Anderson, Clear and Clear Space Force Station. All areas EAST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 275 – 302. All cabins along the Teklanika River between two and five miles from the current fire perimeter.

GO (evacuate now): All areas accessible by Kobe Road. All cabins along the Teklanika River within two miles of the current fire perimeter.

Information relating to sheltering or evacuation: Contact the Borough of Denali at (907) 683-1330, check out the Borough’s Facebook page, or visit

All other fire information: Clear Fire Information, (907) 290-2921; Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;, on the Alaska Division of Forestry and BLM Alaska Fire Service Facebook pages.

Pictured: A fire burns in the Kobe Ag subdivision on the afternoon of 06/07/2022. Photo Credit: Eric Kiehn, Task Force Leader with Team 1 North West