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HousingPlus celebrates 20 years of community service

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, HousingPlus celebrates 20 years of community service at this year’s Good Person Awards, held at the Union League Club in New York City, with Abigail Disney, Filmmaker, Activist and Philanthropist and Rita Zimmer, Founder and Executive Director from HousingPlus.

In 2009, HousingPlus created the country’s first family alternative to incarceration program, “Drew House”, in which women guilty of a first crime could serve their sentence with their children outside the confines of a setting. institutional. In 2015, they expanded criminal justice work as the lead agency of the Women’s Community Justice Project (WCJP) which provides housing and community services to women who would otherwise be unnecessarily detained at Rikers Island.

Continuing their commitment to the community, in 2011 the organization launched Ruby House; permanent housing specifically for female veterans with inaugural support from the Robin Hood Foundation. The program provides 69 veterans and their families with stable housing and the services needed to deal with the trauma resulting from their military service.

HousingPlus has also partnered with private developers to create new affordable housing. Their most recent project, in partnership with B&B Urban, L+M Development Partners and MHG Architects, has created 100 new affordable housing units in East New York through Linwood Park Apartments, which opened in May 2020.

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Winners of the event include:

Abigail Disney

Filmmaker, activist and philanthropist

In recognition of his decades of dedicated advocacy, philanthropy and activism.

Rita Zimmer

Founder and Managing Director of Housing Plus

Recognizing her decades-long commitment to serving and changing the lives of women

Nicholas Hall

HousingPlus tenant

Rev. Annie M. Bovian

Women’s Ministry of Defense