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GM Dealer Installs First Chargers in Large Community Program

General Motors has been touting its big electric vehicle push for some time, and one of the key aspects of the automaker’s electric future is its Ultium Charge 360 ​​ecosystem. Essentially, as the manufacturer’s brands begin to ramp up EV production, GM also plans to expand EV charging infrastructure to reduce range anxiety and ensure that all American car buyers can own an electric vehicle if they want to.

About a year ago, GM announced that it would be launching a dealer community charging program. Under this program, the company will work to install and provide public access to up to 40,000 Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations in North America. Stations will be located at or near dealerships, which are usually not too far from neighborhoods and other local businesses. This makes sense since much faster charging DC fast chargers are usually located along roadsides for use on road trips.

Currently, many people not only struggle to afford an electric vehicle, but also have concerns about charging and range anxiety. They may not be able to afford a home charging station right away, their electrical service may not allow it, or they may live in a dwelling that simply does not allow it. Additionally, if there is nowhere to charge near their home or work, owning an electric vehicle may not be practical.

For these reasons, GM partners with its franchise dealerships to install its own Ultium Level 2 charging stations. While some charging points will be installed at the dealership itself, in other cases dealerships work with GM to determine nearby locations in the community to house infrastructure, such as apartments, condos, schools, businesses, etc. The broader goal here is to provide EV charging access to areas of the country that are underserved, with a particular focus on urban and rural communities.

That said, GM kicked off the program by offering 10 Ultium-based Level 2 EV charging stations to each of its dealerships in North America that sell EVs. The automaker has also been helping dealers secure financing through incentives and investments.

The first units of the GM Dealer Community Charging Program have just been installed by Wheelers Family Auto Group in Marshfield, Wisconsin. The concessionaire installed the charging stations at Wildwood Park. Dealership owner Mary Jo Wheeler-Schueller shared, via Electrek:

“This is the first in North America. Offering this will put Marshfield on the map. This is a great stop for people commuting from other areas to stop and learn about our community and what Marshfield has to offer. to offer.”