Community service

Gems of 4-H Community Service

“I knew the men and women in the military only really got cards on vacation,” West said. “I wanted to be able to help change that a bit so those on duty would know we were thinking of them all year round.”

For an effort like this to work, sustainability is paramount. With West’s encouragement and planning, the effort is an established activity at many clubs. She also wants to expand her audience so that others receive the best wishes from the 4-H community.

“These cards can also be used by people on duty in hospitals and even their families,” exclaimed West.

In addition to 4-H clubs and local schools, West envisions local retirement communities joining the project.

Price History

In a word association game, calling out “4-H” might elicit a few likely answers: farms, petting zoos, show pigs, or blue ribbons. Any of these terms is certainly correct; however, 4-H’s strong agricultural tradition is only a fraction of the nation’s largest youth program.

As 4-H has evolved and grown, so have its programs, projects, and activities. More than a century later, 4-H offers a much wider and more diverse selection of experiential learning. Today, leadership and community service are equally influential, valued values ​​in every 4-H club and every young 4-H member.

Throughout its history, 4-H has long recognized excellence with blue ribbons, trophies and project pins, and awarded numerous scholarships to its 4-H members. But when a career 4-H member devotes their time, often years, to going beyond servant leadership, is a blue ribbon enough?

Delaware 4-H didn’t think so. Coordinated and administered through the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, program staff noticed that there was no signature cornerstone recognition. So he set out to provide special recognition with the Diamond Clover 4-H Award, a program adapted from Maryland 4-H.

In 2014, Delaware 4-H “The Boy Scout Eagle is the gold standard of youth awards, and it was used as a model for the Diamond Clover,” said Dan Tabler, a retired 4-H agent. with a long career in Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia.

Since its creation, 13 young people have earned their Diamond Clover Award. Past winners include: Sarah Bell, Ashley Conroe, Mikayla Ockels (2014); Holly Anderson (2015); Spring Vasey, Hannah O’Hara and Garrett Geidel (2018); Leslie Webb (2019); and Zoe Probert, Lake Vasey and Weston Williams (2021).