Community meeting

Emergency community meeting to tackle the rise in fatal drug overdoses


Columbia / Boone County Public Health and Human Services, Columbia Fire Department and Columbia Police Department organized an emergency community meeting to deal with an increase in fatal drug overdoses in Colombia.

Watch the replay of the meeting in the player below.

The objective of the meeting was to raise awareness about fentanyl, a very potent drug, and to educate the community on the use of Narcan.

According to the Columbia Police Department, there have been 22 known and / or suspected drug overdose deaths in Colombia between January 1 and October 1, 2021. Of these deaths, 11 have occurred since August 1.

It has increased dramatically in recent times, there have been 22 this year and half of them have occurred since August 1, ”said Scott Clady, deputy director of the Columbia / Boone County Department of Health. .

During the nine-month period, officers responded to 200 calls for service when an individual allegedly suffered a drug overdose. Of those calls, CPD documented 131 people experiencing an overdose. The CPD suspects that there are more incidents that have gone unreported.

“We have received over 200 calls this year with reference to an overdose,” said Sgt. Dallas with CPD said.

Experts will provide information and distribute naloxone (Narcan) which can quickly reverse an opioid overdose.

Health experts said the fentanyl problem was getting worse and getting worse.

“The drug fentanyl is making its way into more and more drugs in addition to heroin. Now we see it in meth uh ecstasy, cocaine, ”Clardy said.

“Five years ago we saw heroin as the main drug and sometimes we saw fentanyl, now we only see fentanyl,” said the sergeant. Dallas said.