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Elrich to discuss police preliminary audit report at virtual community meeting on Wednesday

County executive Marc Elrich held a press conference on June 30 to release recommendations for a preliminary audit of the police department.

Montgomery County Director Marc Elrich will discuss a preliminary audit report from the County Police Department (MCPD) in a virtual community forum at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Elrich will discuss the recommendations of the report, released on June 30, as well as other updates reimagining the implementation of public safety. He commissioned the independent audit as part of the Reimagining Public Safety initiative he launched in 2020. It aims to improve public safety in the county with an emphasis on fairness.

During the forum, residents will have the opportunity to provide comments on the preliminary audit report to Elrich and Chief Constable Marcus Jones. Registration is now closed, but residents can watch live over the county Facebook page and on Montgomery Cable County.

The audit was conducted by the non-profit consultant Effective Law Enforcement For All, Inc. (ELE4A). The recommendations cover areas such as police intervention in mental health, use of force, internal affairs, the early warning and intervention system for officers, education and training, recruitment and hiring.

The audit is not yet complete and the final report is expected this fall, depending on the county.

Earlier Wednesday, Elrich launched a dashboard for residents to follow the progress of the Reimagining Public Safety initiative.


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