Community meeting

Conservancy Court votes to file Basin’s decision to have a community meeting

Blanchard River Watershed Solutions asked the Maumee Watershed Conservation District to include the Eagle Creek floodwater storage basin project as part of their official plan at the Conservancy Court meeting on Friday.

Tim Mayle, Director of Economic Development for Findlay-Hancock County, is a member of the board of directors of Blanchard River Watershed Solutions.

He tells WFIN that the Conservancy Court voted 8-5 to table the plan so that a community basin meeting can be held in Findlay.

The Conservancy Court will then meet again on July 9 to consider including the basin in its official plan.

Mayle said he hopes the basin will be included in the MWCD’s official plan on Friday, but is more than happy to have a public meeting to discuss the significant benefits of the project.

Mayle said it was an exciting time, because when you combine the completed and planned developments – and other flood mitigation projects like the replacement of the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge – with the flood water storage pond from Eagle Creek, this will mean more than three feet of flood reduction on Main Street, giving people peace of mind.

Blanchard River Watershed Solutions provided the Maumee Watershed Conservation District with a letter signed by dozens of companies in Findlay and Hancock County in support of the Eagle Creek Flood Water Storage Pond Project added to the official plan of the MWCD.

The 600- to 800-acre floodwater storage basin would be built west of US 68 and just north of Township Road 49 in Hancock County, just south of Findlay.

Project manager Steve Wilson previously told WFIN he believed the storage basin would have a big impact on reducing flooding at Findlay when completed.

“This will reduce the 100-year flood elevation on Main Street by about a foot and a half, and that would add to the reductions seen with work currently underway along the Blanchard River.” “

The overall project is expected to cost around $ 60 million, which includes land acquisition, engineering and construction.

On March 1, flood levels on the Blanchard River at Findlay were raised as a result of flood mitigation efforts that included backfilling of the river and the removal of flood prone properties along that -this.

Solutions for the Blanchard River watershed was established in 2017 by the Findlay and Hancock County business community in Ohio to support a comprehensive community solution to flooding in the Blanchard River watershed.