Community program

Concordia Senior Living community program aims to prevent falls

A Matter of Balance is a new program in Oklahoma that aims to help seniors regain balance and prevent falls.

In a typical year, nearly 7,000 people over the age of 65 are hospitalized due to falls.

“Statistics show that 92% of participants who complete the Matter of Balance course do not fall during the first year,” said Chris Coleman, fitness coordinator at Concordia Senior Living Center.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health implemented the program earlier this year at Concordia.

“Each session builds on the information we give them, so we go over different fall risks and how we can prevent a fall while looking at that aspect of home safety,” said Madelyn Maxwell, of the service of Oklahoma Department of Health Injury Prevention. .

In each session, participants discuss their own daily challenges and do exercises to overcome them.

“You see, we do things like bend over, bend over, spread our legs, twist our ankles, those are obstacles that you’re going to face during the day,” Coleman said.

“I’m more aware of certain circumstances that we studied in class,” said Concordia resident Darlene Johnson.

Johnson just finished the course and said hearing about other residents’ challenges made it easier to discuss her challenges.

“Everyone gives their opinion and their reasons for wanting to be here and compares it to how I felt,” Johnson said.

The exercises focus on strengthening the muscles used when balancing.

“You should be able to live your life with some caution around certain activities,” Coleman said.

Concordia has registration open for classes starting Nov. 8. They are open to any older adult. For more information or to register for sessions, visit or call Concordia at (405) 720-7200.