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Community Services Council seeks help in listing resources available for Afghan refugees

The Community Service Council said it needs the public’s help to compile a list of resources to help ease the transition for Afghan families arriving in eastern Oklahoma this month.

Currently, CSC says that if you have a business or organization that can provide resources to Afghan families, please call 211 and let them know.

According to Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma, there are nearly 200 refugees who have arrived out of the planned total of 850. It is said that about 60 people arrive per week.

The Community Service Council said it is keen to help these families with their move by making a list of all the resources available in the area, such as medical care, food, shelter, clothing, social security, etc. CSC program manager Shawna Detmer said the problem is that there aren’t many organizations already making their resources available and their list contains only a few options.

“It is interesting that the resources that we have found are medical or related to vaccination, but we are looking for more resources in terms of housing, identification, food, shelter, etc., and we have to hard to find those resources available, ”Detmer said.

If your organization offers help in some way, you can call 211 to put on the official list of resources that will go to refugees upon arrival.