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Community Service Block Grants Needs Assessment Survey Available – Sheridan Media

The Sheridan County Community Service Block Grants Program conducts a Community Service Block Grants (CSBG) needs assessment to determine the needs and resources of low-income people in Sheridan County.

This process is completed every three years to help identify the most important needs of the community and implement programs to reduce poverty and increase the economic self-reliance of county residents.

Community Builders, Inc. (CBI), a Wyoming-based consulting company, was engaged by the Sheridan County Community Service Block Grants Program to conduct the community needs assessment.

One of the key elements of the assessment is to gather information from local residents and community stakeholders on the perceived needs in Sheridan County.

CBI will collect information from low-income service providers, community stakeholders and service consumers through surveys and personal interviews over the next two weeks.

After gathering this information, CBI will analyze the data from two perspectives:

(1) What is the current state of poverty and the conditions under which low income residents struggle; and

(2) What are the poverty trends and conditions that could impact low income residents in the future?

Click here to complete the online survey.

The deadline to complete the community survey is December 17, 2021.

Stakeholders and other agencies that provide services to local residents should also complete a separate stakeholder survey (sent directly to them).

The end result will be the development of strategic goals with a clear plan of action to meet the needs of the community.

Areas that should be targeted include education, employment, nutrition, health services and housing.

Survey results and demographic data for the assessment will be provided by the Sheridan County CSBG Board of Directors.

Based on the results, the CSBG Council can adjust its community action plan to allocate its limited resources to local agencies that provide targeted poverty reduction services.