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Community Service Announcements | JOY Media

JOY Media is the diverse voice of the LGBTQIA+ community. We are proud of the support we have provided to non-profit groups through our Community Service Announcement (CSA) program for many years.

Our free CSA program is available for small/micro-organizations and services aimed specifically at the LGBTQIA+ community that do not receive significant levels of government funding. Proof of nonprofit status may be required; JOY reserves the right to refuse a free CSA request.

Types of CHWs

Option 1 – General CSA

Promoting your community/group service. This is to help promote your organization or services more generally.

An ad continues up to 12 months, we need at least 2 weeks notice to prepare the broadcast schedule.

Option 2 – One-time CSA community event

A short-term CSA for one-off events, scheduled over 3 weeks prior to the event. We require 5 weeks notice before the start date of the event, so that our volunteer producers have enough time to produce and record the audio ad, so that the on-air promotion can start three weeks before the event.

Application process

When your CSA meets the above criteria, please complete a CSA application ensuring all details are completed or the application cannot be processed.

Email: [email protected]


We do our best to accommodate all CSA requests, but we cannot always accommodate all requests received.

You may also consider emailing [email protected] as it may be possible to promote your event/service via an interview on a JOY programme.

Discounted non-profit sponsorship advertising packages are available for those who do not meet the above guidelines and still want your message to be heard on JOY, while financially supporting the work we do. Learn more about sponsoring JOY here.

Finally, JOY 94.9 offers the distribution of a CSA produced at JOY to stations in Victoria or Australia. If you would like to know more about this production service, let us know when you submit your ASC application.

Click HERE to complete the JOY CSA Application