Community service

Community service: a boon for residents of Back2Basics, Flagstaff Community

Providing residents with a variety of options for volunteer work also allows Back2Basics residents to find their passion.

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery is proud to call Flagstaff our home, and when you live in a community, it’s important to be part of that community in a way that satisfies you and the people around you with purpose. Community outreach through volunteer work has proven to be one of the best ways for residents of Back2Basics and Flagstaff to help each other.

At Back2Basics, we believe volunteer work is an essential part of addiction treatment because it gives people struggling with addiction the opportunity to be more helpful. One of the worst aspects of the disease of addiction is how it can cause people to think only of themselves. Addiction makes us selfish, and many people in the Back2Basics program have entered it thinking only of the things that fuel our addiction. The idea of ​​community and giving back to it is a foreign concept to many people struggling with addiction. The fact that Back2Basics sees community outreach as an important part of recovery gives residents a chance to rewrite the script.

A person who volunteers in their community is more likely to have a stronger sense of purpose and to feel like they belong in the place where they live. We want our residents to feel like part of the Flagstaff community for as long as they are with us and beyond.

At Back2Basics, we want every resident to feel like they’re serving the Flagstaff community. That’s why we ask residents to participate in volunteer activities such as cleaning highways, working at local food banks and working with Catholic charities. These events help our community while showing our residents that they are an important part of this community.

Providing residents with a variety of options for volunteer work also allows Back2Basics residents to find their passion. Everyone gets attached to different causes when it comes to volunteering. Some people find a love for the outdoors and find a lot of purpose in community cleanups. Others enjoy being around people and helping them, so the food bank becomes a good choice. A variety of ways to help the community allow program participants to find their true calling.

Connecting with the community through volunteer work is good for people in recovery. Back2Basics is a microcosm of support in the greater Flagstaff community. We have program alumni who support each other in their sobriety, and more importantly, these alumni continue to serve themselves and others by continuing to volunteer in the community.

Finally, Back2Basics residents volunteering unquestionably benefit Flagstaff and the groups we work with as a whole. Every freeway cleanup helps make Flagstaff cleaner, every food bank gets another volunteer to help feed the hungry.

It’s amazing to live in a community that helps recover people in recovery and it’s amazing that the residents and alumni of Back2Basics are inspired to recover their community in return. NBF

By Joe McNamara

Joe McNamara is the Transition Program Coordinator for Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery.

Back2Basics is an adventure recovery program, up to six months, for young adult men ages 18-30 with substance abuse issues seeking a positive and meaningful life. In our program, clients are exposed to a weekly combination of wilderness adventures and residential programs. For more information, visit, call 928-814-2220, or email [email protected]