Community meeting

Community meeting scheduled to discuss redevelopment plans for Wizard Golf Course | Caroline Forest

Residents of Carolina Forest will be able to learn more about redevelopment plans for a local golf course at a community meeting later this month.

After years of rumors about the potential redevelopment of the Wizard Golf Links, Horry County officials are preparing to file official plans soon and have already scheduled a meeting to discuss the project with neighbors.

“The purpose of the meeting is to engage the community on the redevelopment of the Wizard golf course,” said David Jordan, county planning and zoning director. The meeting is scheduled for October 20 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center.

Although plans have not yet been submitted to the county, Jordan said the project will likely include single-family homes as well as multi-family dwellings, although he was not made aware of the specific number of units.

The engineering company that drew up these plans has not made them public either.

As part of the redevelopment process, Jordan said restrictions will be added to protect the nearby Man O’War golf course from development. The Wizard and Man O’War are sister courses that were built in the mid-90s (The Wizard opened in 1996).

The news of the potential redevelopment is not surprising. County council members were approached by a developer in 2019 about The Wizard, but at that time they said no work would start until the Carolina Forest Boulevard widening was completed.

This construction was completed in July.

Two years ago, a developer met with neighbors and gave a presentation that showed a home and townhouse development with 701 single-family units.

During this meeting, the discussion became so heated that the then county planning director threatened to bring in security to keep the crowd calm.

Some residents have long opposed any redevelopment of the course. They are worried about the increase in traffic and want Gardner Lacy Road extended to International Drive before other homes arrive.

“We didn’t want it the first time around,” said Carole vanSickler, who lives in the Waterford Plantation subdivision near The Wizard. “We don’t want it now. At the end of the line.

The October 20 meeting will have a different format than some of the county’s recent meetings between developers and neighbors.

“We’re trying to make it more informal,” Jordan said, adding that this would allow residents to ask “specific questions that may apply to you.”

Unlike previous town halls where developers and county staff presented information and then heard questions – and often complaints – from residents, this gathering will be similar to community meetings at the SC Department of Transportation.

Other than a brief overview at the start, there will be no town hall format. Instead, residents will be able to stop at different county stations such as storm water, roads, or planning and ask questions directly to staff or those working on the project. The plans will be available for public consultation at the meeting.

“It’s unique in that the different departments will be there to informally discuss plans for the project as it is currently envisioned,” said Felix Pitts of G3 Engineering, the company working with the developer on the project. project. “[It’s] more leisurely and relaxed than some of the town hall meetings people attended. “

Owned by DG Golf Management, the Wizard designed by Dan Maples stretches 6,721 yards. The company also owns The Witch golf course on SC 544.

The property that owns The Witch was changed last year to accommodate the residential development.