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Community meeting provides suggestions on Mauston Lion’s Park playground equipment | Regional news

The Town of Mauston is beginning to solicit community feedback on new playground equipment for Lion’s Park for installation in 2022. The equipment was removed on July 30, 2020 after safety checks determined that the playground needed repairs.

Mauston to remove playground equipment from Marchowsky Park, courts raise $33,000 in Q3

About 10 members of the public attended a community meeting on May 3 to brainstorm ideas for new playground equipment.

“We wanted to get feedback from the community on the design elements and features we wanted to see incorporated into Lion’s Park, so we built a structure that the community loves and uses,” said City Administrator Randy Reg. “Playground equipment is gone, we have to put new (equipment) in there… we don’t have a set design, we’re not locked into a specific vendor, we’re a clean slate right now. “

Reeg said the replacement equipment is still budgeted for the 2022 budget year, although there is a possibility of accelerating the project for 2021. However, Reeg said the acceleration is only a remote possibility. and that he is not “optimistic” about the completion of the project this year. Reeg said the city has a budget of around $150,000 for the project, with $100,000 estimated for the new playground structure and the rest of the money set aside for things like installation and the base filling material.

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Left to right, former Mauston Mayor Brian McGuire, Ed Rogers and City Administrator Randy Reeg run through playground design ideas.


Suggestions from members of the public included having a large “focal point” structure for the park, and that the new structure have appeal primarily for older children, but also have “crossover” appeal for younger children. Several newer park facilities are still available, including volleyball courts, swings installed in 2019, wading pool, and tennis courts.

After soliciting feedback, Reeg provided stickers for each member of the public and park board members in attendance to walk around and tag images of designs they liked and felt essential to the new gear. Options available included roofs and shaded areas, tunnels, swings, slides, climbing areas, seesaws, monkey bars and platforms.

The most requested feature, which Reeg said didn’t surprise him, was a structure with a roof or shaded areas, followed by monkey bars and tunnels.

“It looks like (a shaded structure) is the overwhelming majority,” Reeg said. “What makes sense is an open space and there’s not a lot of shade.”

lion park 4

Park Board Commissioner Mike Taake, right, plans to put a sticker on the slides.


Seesaws and seesaws received no support, while climbing areas, platforms, seesaws and slides received minor support. Reeg said every structure is likely to have at least one slide, and the lack of support for swings makes sense because the park already has swings in place.

Parks Supervisor Jordan Wilke said the 2020 removal of equipment was for safety reasons.

“We have determined with maintenance checks on the equipment that the repairs made last year, they have been done, but the equipment needs more this year,” Wilke said. “Rather than throwing money at it to bandage it, we removed the equipment for safety reasons.”

Playground equipment at Mauston Lion’s Park has been retired, replacement is scheduled for 2022

The retired equipment was installed in the park in the 1980s, and Wilke said the equipment showed its age but had also “served the community well”.

Wilke said the department welcomes public feedback and anyone interested in getting involved or helping with fundraising can attend public meetings or watch for announcements on the city’s website or Facebook. Reeg said another community meeting to solicit feedback will likely be scheduled, and the city will likely set up a booth during the July 4 fireworks celebration for members of the public to contribute.

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